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Nikole Enns
Owner, Senior Designer

Nikole has had a long time fascination with beauty, discovering ways to incorporate it into everyday life. Helping others express their unique style and creating lovely spaces is how she fulfills that talent. Beginning her design business in 2012, she has developed her eclectic design aesthetic over time, using well coordinated color and simple accents that complement clients needs. She excels at finding ways to incorporate old and new pieces, mixing styles and updating existing items.

A wife and mother, her ambition is to make the world around her a better place. Creating beautiful places to live is one of the ways she does that. Aiming to build residential and commercial spaces that are stylish and functional is her design objective.

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Eric Enns
Artist, Senior Designer, Builder

Eric's love for design stems from a lifelong passion for art and music. He believes the spaces that surround our day to day life should not only bring us peace and joy, but also be a catalyst for inspiration. Life is short, dare to be bold, playful and take risk with your design choices. He leans modern in his design aesthetic, but also loves many forms of traditional design as well.

His design career started by flipping homes. This gave him a great opportunity to stretch a small budget into big returns. From there he built a construction business, Dream Development Company.  Eventually he added another business called Modern Spaces and Sheds. Modern Spaces offer stylish, backyard offices and hobby rooms.