Urban Farmhouse

This classically designed, new home is full of all the charm you would want from an Urban farmhouse. Set in the city limits but with that style that makes you think of the style and charm of a house set in the country.

Colorful Remodel

This home got a fabulous facelift. New paint, flooring, and furniture. Even the fireplace got a new modern look. And the pops of color tell the story of how fun this family is. Now their home is perfect for all the entertaining that they love to do.

Upscale Master Bath

This beautiful bathroom got a complete makeover, top to bottom. It is now a sophisticated retreat, complete with soaking tub, and walk in shower. The soft color pallet lends to relaxation and the modern concrete tiles add interest while also evoking an old world feel.

Stylish Loft

Our Loft client was open to our design interpretation of this loft space. One of our most favorite designs to date. From the substantial metal detail work to the interesting color palette, every detail had much consideration. 



Adding those small little details can make the difference in any space. It adds just a touch of elegance and intention that elevate any room.

Modern Expansion

This small 1950's Era home was in need of a fully equipped master suite. Working with existing architecture can be tricky, to blend new with old and make a home feel cohesive. The simple palette lends to a gentle blending of the new modern design with the existing spaces.   


Elegant Master Suite

Upgraded flooring, lighting and furniture for this light filled master bedroom. The light walls and rugs offset the deep dark flooring. The rich dark blues add the perfect subtle accent to the grays seen throughout.

Backyard Guest Space

We collaborated with Modern Spaces and Sheds on this multifunctional space. It has a full Queen sized loft above and work/living space below. The indoor outdoor living makes this Northern Californian space ideal. 


Business Office Modernization

At Iko Design we create for the professional seeking an office space that mirrors their own business savvy and sense of accomplishment. Here we accomplished both, by helping the client to redefine this space as a modern business. Honoring the historic building and working with the mid century architecture.